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I'm Elle, owner of this blog and general all round Brighton lover. Born and bred here, I moved away to London five years ago.

I started my online ramblings while working in London, in my blog 'Secret-ary'. There, I attempted to divulge the most salacious pieces of gossip and news from the comforts of my anonymous little corner in a large London PA firm, necessitated as a means to pay my way through my ill fated degree in English Literature.

I soon grew frustrated with writing about other people's lives in lieu of possessing one myself, so - to finance my new found lust for cocktails and City bankers - I quit my degree, closed down the blog, and took up freelance copywriting for various independent news outlets and publications across London. Which led me to the media training course where I met S, and everything changed.

I won't go into the tortured history of S and I - I'm sure it'll seep through in my blog entries - but suffice to say; there was love. Until of course, there wasn't. Much pain, many months and a lot of vodka later, it got to the point where I needed to escape him, myself, and the raging war between us of which there could be no possible winners. So, one partially complete degree and one very complete breakup later, I returned (read: fled) to the only city in the world I'm proud to call home. I packed up my laptop, life, and remnants of the love I couldn't quite escape, and returned to Brighton.

That was only a few months ago, yet I'm amazed by how easily my life has slotted back into place here. I've acquired a new computer, several freelance writing jobs for websites and local publications I feel privileged to be part of, and most life-alteringly of all, a little dog who adores me no matter how many mistakes I make.

Somewhere in all of the mess of the past few years, I seemed to have turned 30 and with that has come the obligatory change in perspectives. I am no longer going to let love evade me. I will no longer proclaim it to be an imaginary sentiment made up of chemical brain responses and a fear of being alone. I refuse to continue to berate love and I refuse to refuse to believe in it. I am starting this blog - my first in five years - to accompany me on my quest. Here is my space, my little pixel on the web where I can document my journey. I plan to leave no stone unturned in my mission, and with a beach such as ours, that is seriously going to be no mean feat.

From now on, I plan to explore this city with my eyes wide open: I hear it's the best way to search.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Here's to us, and to beautiful Brighton.

PS. If you'd like to contact me, please either leave a message on the guestbook or email:

brightonandlove [at] gmail.com

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